How to use Notes On A Scene

Notes On A Scene can be used to do 2 main kind of analysis: “intra” topics, and “across” topics. “intra topics” analysis You can focus a Notes On A Scene page “intra” topics. This is, to go deep down into scriptwriting, for instance, focused only on that profession and only on a technique. This would […]

Advantages of Notes On A Scene in cinema education

When a movie is made, you can see credits of a thousand people, all of whom have affected the movie in their specific way. Some – spectacularly, others – barely. Yet each person had its role. Some of them have the power to do or break the movie with just one bad decision. Success or […]

Notes On A Scene: in-context video analysis from multiple perspectives

“Useful when context is key” One needs context to make decisions or explain why something is the way it is. Usual YouTube-style comment section (all-in-one unique “box”) or Facebook-style live comment section (synched with the scene, but all in one unique “box”) cannot precisely demonstrate the importance of each variable. Notes On A Scene does […]

A solution when learning cinema online

Notes On A Scene, as a solution, offers: A teacher can explain scene by scene from many perspectives at once. Perspectives at his/her discretion. A student can ask questions, at the scene he wants, and the teacher can answer that question in context. Notes On A Scene pages could be designed as exercises online. Schools […]

The problem of learning cinema online

Millions of people are trying to get their foot into the story-/movie- making world – which is an incredible movement. Many buy a myriad of books trying to learn the craft. Getting one’s head around them is hardly an easy task. There is a mind-blowing number of people who research not one, not ten, but […]

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