Comments in-sync with the video scene

Analyze the video with comments in-sync with every scene.


Organize your analysis with topics.

With all related comments grouped into the same topic, you can get deeper and deeper into your analysis of the video.

Add new topics as you go

Add new topics, as the analysis progresses and you need more categories to keep it organized.

Show/hide Topics

Show or hide any topic, to keep your focus on what’s important at this moment.

You can have 20 topics if you want, to keep things organized and well measured. Perfect.

Hide those you don’t need right now, so you can read those you’re working on.

Timelines per topic navigation

With a timeline per topic, you know where comments are.

Hover on the timeline circles, and find the comment you’re looking for.

Click on that timeline circle, and the video will play that instant, and the comments of all the topics will synchronize to that video scene.

Edit comments

To edit a comment, you need the rights to do so.

You either are the student who posted that comment. Then, you can edit your comment any time.

Or, you are the professor.

In both cases, to edit a comment, you’ll see a pencil icon at the right end of your comment. Click on it, and change its contents or its timing. To publish the changes, click on the blue checkmark; to cancel the edit, click on the red crossmark. As easy as that.

Delete comments

To edit a comment you have previously published, or you have admin rights on, just click on the trash icon on the right top corner of the comment. Confirm the popup box, and it’s done.

Post a new comment, fast

To publish a comment, click on the plus (“+”) icon.

Enter your comment.

Click “Post”.


By default, the comment will last for 5 seconds, starting at the video scene that you added it.

Add a new comment with precise timing

Do you want a comment that lasts for the whole duration of the video? Easy.

Do you want your comment to last only for half a second? Easy.

To precisely synch any comment with the exact scenes you want, just type your comment, and before clicking on the “Post” button, click on the clock icon above the comment’s textarea.

Adjust the start and end time of your comment with the slider’s handles.

You can also adjust them manually.

Click the “Post” button when you’re done.


Do you want to track the Dramatic Structure of a movie?

Do you want to track an emotion? Another variable of your choice?

Just add the topic, measure it, and you can see its evolution throughout the video in a beautiful graph.

Create a new project (page)

You can create a new page anytime, just click on the “Add new page” link on your client’s area.

Enter the video’s id from Youtube or Vimeo.

Add a title for your page.

Define the topics you want to analyze for that video (at least 1 topic, you can add more later).

Type a name for the page, click “Add video page” button, and done. You have your new page ready to start analyzing the video.

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