Online cinema training examples

See some examples of online cinema training with NotesOnAScene tool.

Casablanca sequence

In this first example, we analyze one of the most famous Casablanca movie sequence. At each scene, we set two topics:

  • What’s happening on the scene
  • What do the scriptwriters want to say

While playing the video and scene after scene events happen, comments change under both topics. It’s pretty intuitive once you’ve seen it in action.

Casablanca scenes analysis

Feel free to have a look at Casablanca NotesOnAScene demo, and see how NotesOnAScene can help to analyze scenes.

Charade sequence

In this second example, we analyze a sequence from Charade, a 60’s movie with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn.

In a similar manner, we have defined again 2 topics:

  • What’s happening on the scene
  • What did the scriptwriters want to say

(Of course, you can define any number of topics and name them as you see fit for your video).

While playing this movie sequence, you’ll get to see the comments a cinema school teacher could set for his students for each topic. Comments change as each scene progresses into another.

Have a look at our Charade NotesOnAScene demo.

The scriptwriting student could ask questions to the teacher, in place, at any scene she wants, and the teacher answer them on the spot.

Also, the online teacher can use this tool as an exercise for students, where they are the ones who analyze/dissect the video, and the teacher can evaluate their analysis with his own comments.

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